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Witold Liszkowski / Polysemes – Personal Art

20.01.2023 - 16.02.2023

Witold Liszkowski / Polysemes – Personal Art / 20.01.2023 - 16.02.2023

From 20 January, the City Gallery exhibition space will fill up with Witold Liszkowski’s art. The Wrocław-based artist will present his photographic and painting works, installations, as well as site-specific projects that will fill the gallery’s two basement rooms to the brim.

“Polysemes – Personal Art” is a retrospective show exploring Witold Liszkowski’s rich creative output. Spanning more than four decades, his art comprises photographs, paintings, performative actions in urban space, as well as animation and recreational initiatives realised in cooperation with Wrocław’s local communities. The exhibitions thus includes both archival materials documenting the artist’s early activity and the most recent labyrinthine painting structures that have become the hallmark of Liszkowski’s art. Moreover, the artist will play with the gallery space by covering the walls of the basement rooms with a black and white grid of densely branching lines, which for him are a symbolical representation of his constant attempts to reach the deepest recesses of his own subconscious.

The title polysemes, which in linguistics mean the ambiguity of expressions that can cause communicative chaos, refer to the multitude of narrative artistic means that Liszkowski has used over the decades. They are also a reference to the artist’s uninterrupted journey of self-discovery through art – a journey that often led him to contradictions and ambiguities.

Despite the wide spectrum of artistic techniques used and activities undertaken, Liszkowski has successfully maintained a unique consistency in his art. Discovering the truth about himself has always remained the essence and primary aim of his work. From the very beginning, Liszkowski has pursued this need in two ways: on the one hand, he has turned towards his inner self with its entire spiritual, emotional and intellectual sphere, while on the other – following the belief that one can see oneself most fully only through another person’s eyes – towards the subjectively treated viewer.

The exhibition is on display until 16 February.
The official opening of the exhibition takes place on 19 January at 6:00 pm.
Curator: Katarzyna Zahorska

Witold Liszkowski, z cyklu Struktury osobiste, akryl i piórko na płótnie, 270×180 cm, zestaw 6 prac, 2022
Witold Liszkowski, Struktury osobiste, Akryl i piórko na płótnie, 180×180 cm, 2020
Witold Liszowski, z cyklu Struktury osobiste, akryl i piórko na płótnie, zestaw 4 prac, 2022
Witold Liszkowski, Rozmowa z Ireną, Ślub, technika własna, 30×30 cm, 2021
Witold Liszkowski, Rozmowa z Marią, Maria z bratem, technika własna, 30×20 cm, 2021
Instalacja Witolda Liszkowskiego na wystawie OKart w Galerii Miejskiej we Wrocławiu, 2021 rok, fot. Olaf Mikołajek

Galeria Miejska we Wrocławiu
ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28
50-109 Wrocław

(71) 344 67 20

Kule - projekt Lech Twardowski, wykonanie Wiesław Waszkiewicz
Logotyp - Marta Płonka