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City Gallery in Wrocław has been operating since 1991. It was established by Wrocław Municipality and its main function is to present Polish and foreign art. But it does not restrict itself to Wrocław only. The Gallery also promotes Polish art abroad and the art of Wrocław artists in particular.
Gallery is a place of presentation of art understood as creation (or a collection) of artifacts. Not negating the right to existence for other various forms of para-artistic activities or concerning other areas of creativity, we want to separate them distinctively from narrower understood art – the fine art.
The aim of the Gallery is to ask questions about meaning and place of art, tradition and idea of beauty in culture and the world, about values and valuating criteria or freedom and responsibility of art. It is as important as presenting art masterpieces.
Moreover, since 2013 The Gallery started yet another activity – publishing of The City Gallery Library series which would include works on theory of art, the culture of artistic criticism and aesthetics.
The Director of The City Gallery in Wrocław is Mirosław Jasiński, Art Historian, a diplomat and maker of documentary movies.

Galeria Miejska we Wrocławiu
ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28
50-109 Wrocław

(71) 344 67 20

Kule - projekt Lech Twardowski, wykonanie Wiesław Waszkiewicz
Logotyp - Marta Płonka