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05.08.2016 - 06.09.2016

SYNCHRONIE / 05.08.2016 - 06.09.2016

Synchronies is an art show of Andrzej and Jerzy Głuszek – twin brothers who work in a medium of painting and drawing. Each one of the artists will arrange one floor of the City Gallery in Wrocław to create separate and yet complementary spaces.

The exhibition will be open from 5th of August till 6th of September.

In ancient world magic powers were attached to twins. In Mesopotamia they were taken as half god creatures. Worshiped and admired. Also in India they had great position, it was thought that twins had ability to heal. But things were different in Europe. Supposedly in the 19th century in less developed places of the Old Continent, when twins were born it was thought to be the evil powers who made it. Nowadays it doesn’t surprise no one to see identical siblings, but they are still quite a mystery for scientists and, in particular, for ordinary people. Andrzej and Jerzy Głuszek aren’t the exception. Seemingly sixty years old brothers has no differences, but after a while it’s easy to know who is who.

Głuszeks’ art is as different as their characters. This is why each of them have been given one separate level of the City Gallery to avoid mixing up Andrzej’s paintings with illustrations made by Jerzy,
In his painting Andrzej Głuszek operates with color and light. Using splashes, spectrums and synthetic forms he fights with the unknown, unclear and unnamed. He synthesizes the world surrounded him and pushes it into the surface of his large format paintings. For the exhibition he prepared two series. First, which is going to fill the walls of the entry room, has subtle, melancholic overtone made by pure tones. The character of the other room as well as a second series of his works Andrzej Głuszek called “Predatory”.

Andrzej Głuszek, Suspension, 2016, akryl na płótnie, 320 x 200 cm

JOn the basement part of the gallery Jerzy Głuszek will show in turn his anecdotic drawings together with illustrations for children’s books he has been creating for the last decades. Subtleness, humorous and impressional are terms that perhaps most accurately describe nature of his works.
A collapse of tradition and civilization process are usually main plots of Jerzy’s drawings. One can also notice an overwhelming number of young women; naked, half naked, dancing, melancholic– always in skirts and dresses which show up what is under – for example an unexpected celestial bodies.

Jerzy Głuszek, Entuzjazm, 2015, tempera i pastel na papierze,42×30

For years marginalized from the mainstream of the art world Głuszeks brothers are well known figures in the local art community. In the 80s. they cooperate with the Orange Alternative movement and with the famous Luxus Group. But in the awareness of many they left after that short period. Works presented at the City Gallery in Wrocław are natural continuation of their first artistic activities, yet the category of underground is for both of them no longer convenient.

Video from the opening:

Photos from the opening:

Galeria Miejska we Wrocławiu
ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28
50-109 Wrocław

(71) 344 67 20

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