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Jarosław Kukowski i uczniowie

05.04.2018 - 30.04.2018

Jarosław Kukowski i uczniowie / 05.04.2018 - 30.04.2018

From 6 to 30 April the City Gallery in Wrocław hosts a group exhibition entitled “Jarosław Kukowski and His Students”. At this display the Master presents surrealistic paintings and installations that are a combination of sculpture, paintings and monumental clocks. Pieces made by Kukowski’s students, namely Jolanta Bukowska, Ewa Kukowska, Piotr Lemke and Krzysztof Sprada, provide the perfect complement to the exhibition.

The cross-sectional show of Jarosław Kukowski’s artworks presented in the City Gallery in Wrocław includes pieces both from the beginning of his artistic career, dated to the 1990s, as well as his latest projects from 2017. These are selected examples of the Master’s early works – belonging to Dreams and Non-dreams cycles, as well as those from later series – Frescos, Golden Series, as well as Clocks – unique art works from the Memento cycle. These pieces are accompanied by paintings authored by his students: Ewa Kukowska, Jolanta Bukowska, Piotr Lemke and Krzysztof Sprada, who combined the desire to develop their passion with admiration for their Master’s craftmanship.

From the outset of his creative journey Jarosław Kukowski focused on a specific game with the viewer, which often provoked and stimulated reflection on depressing and sometimes ironic artistic visions. The early pieces by this contemporary surrealist artist were saturated with symbolism, dramatism and sadness. Full of suffering, deformed human figures and mythical creatures depicted against the backdrop of surreal landscapes – these are the common elements for compositions that make up the Not-dreams cycle.
Later Kukowski definitely brightened his palette. The subject of his paintings shifted to nudes painted in the form of frescoes. Yet even in this case the mark of disintegration and the passage of time was clearly noticeable.

In the next creative phase Kukowski referred to his first works. But despite lighter tones his paintings became more and more ironic and provocative, which indicated the artist’s extraordinary audacity in exploring the dark spheres of human nature. Memento is the latest series and a development of Frescoes painting series, continued by the artist from the 90s. These are unique, four-dimensional art installations, which combine sculpture, painting and monumental working clocks. Each installation is unique, signed and numbered by the artist.

Ewa Kukowska and Jolanta Bukowska work with oil painting, whilst the first of them does not shy away from experimental own techniques, either. The artists present works on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from nudes and abstract compositions to surreal landscapes.

Piotr Lemke is the next participant in the exhibition as well as Jarosław Kukowski’s student. Lemke revolves mainly around abstraction (although there are also some specific references to reality in his art). His paintings mostly depict bursting surfaces of matter, with paint streams pouring out from underneath. Thanks to his great skills, the artist creates the illusion of extraordinary reality and drama.

The last of the Students – Krzysztof Sprada, describes himself as “a builder who experiments with numerous techniques and materials, on many levels of self-expression and exposition of thoughts”. For many years Krzysztof was involved in designing artistic jewellery, for which he also produced original packaging. The artist created various installations and organised happenings and artistic acts. He is a painter authoring artworks included in the realistic trend.

The exhibition presented at the City Gallery in Wrocław juxtaposes Students’ art with the work of their Master. This display reveals the artists’ prevailing urge to find a teacher who, like Jarosław Kukowski, can properly direct their students on their artistic path.

The exhibition is curated by Mirosław Jasiński.

Photos from the opening:

Video from the opening:

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