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The Fourth Dimension of a Line

26.06.2015 - 06.08.2015

The Fourth Dimension of a Line / 26.06.2015 - 06.08.2015

The City Gallery in Wrocław is pleased to invite for an exhibition “The Fourth Dimension of a Line” takes place from June 26th 2015. The art show bring together works by Marcin Harlender and Radosław Ślany under a common denominator which is the line or one of the most crucial issue of both drawing and painting, but also art in general.

Marcin Harlander is an artist who works on margins of Wroclaw artistic milieu. For years he has been consequently looking for his own place in the sphere of contemporary art, showing his reflections on philosophy and art history through traditional paints and paintbrush, but also performances, installation art and happenings. Interestingly his artistic activity resembles more the way painters from the Parisian Bohemia worked rather than the practice of polite artists from the second decade of the 21st century.

The display will include his classic paintings stylistically located in between abstraction and figuration. What is specific for Harlander’s art is a skillful juxtapose of colors and forms that leads to the discovery of new values in objects that have been useless for many years. It seems that an attempt to show an impact that a single image has on its surrounding is the main intention of Haralander’s art. It might be also a reason why he doesn’t usually work with the so called traditional media and more willingly reaches for pieces of old furniture, cardboards, banners, ironing board, and lots more different and useless objects found on garbage. Harlander’s paintings, created with very simple means of expression, give the line a multidimensionality or more specifically four-dimensionality – that is length, width, expanse and a character taken from what is invisible (and what can be a part of mystical and metaphysical experiences).

Radosław Ślany in turn checks in his art the drawing ability to exist in a space and what forms it can adopt in it. He releases drawing from its traditional, rigid frames and restrictions. Due to that he put the development of drawing on a different, not necessarily obvious level. Two-dimensional realisations of Ślany together with spatial object made by Harlander receive a proper context and also gain a new visual strength. It is important though that in this juxtapose both artists clearly maintain independency in their artistic statement.
The art of Radosław Ślany is strictly geometrical, synthetic and operates with quite narrow though interesting range of colors. Dynamic, sometimes ornamental and seemingly unordered, the compositions are in fact carefully planned arrangements of colors and lines.

Despite their different artistic attitudes, artwork of Marcin Harlander and Radosław Ślany are united by a fundamental similarity in an attention pay to the universal issue of a line and its relations with three-dimensionality and spiritual sphere. Hence the presentation of their individual explorations and artistic statements received a joint title which is “The Fourth Dimension of a Line”.

Photos from the opening:

Video from the opening:

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