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16.12.2016 - 18.01.2017

25/25 / 16.12.2016 - 18.01.2017

Resume of a quarter-century Galeria Miejska’s in Wrocław existence may not be just a reckoning of the program, value of events and the influence to the art micro world in Wrocław, but mostly the reckoning of all changes in culture, art, esthetic and exhibitions strategies.

25 years of Galeria Miejska’s history began in very chaotic period of transformation. Cusp of the 80’s and 90’s mentioned as phantom, was a state of uncomfortable uncertainty but also a time of hope when everything may happen. Jakub Banasiak wrote that it was “state of hollow, which has to be filled with great narration”. To add this place some identity cultural places, like galleries has in their hands great tool – art.

Born 10th of July 1991 Galeria Miejska in Wrocław was not forcing the spectator to one and only right paradigm. It offered and institution – workshop open to conversation and experimenting, a gallery constantly created. This formula –as may be seen from the perspective of time – worked amazing with instability of the 90’s. Teresa Kukułka – manager of the gallery from the very beginning to 2012 – in one of her summary said for example that her affection to the tradition of the wroclawian’s conceptualism and absent art showed in the gallery. Thanks to this strategy, for over two decades the institution was able to present different attitudes of the artists in postconceptualism current from installations, objects, sculptures and performances. This spectrum has been developed from 2012 by Mirosław Jasiński, with things such a paintings, engravings and drawings.

In result the exhibition 25/25 – 25 artist for 25 years of Galeria Miejska is not only a sketch showing development of art and tradition, but also a look back at the past. This is the reason of choosing just 25 from over 400 artists, whom for over twentysomething years had exhibitions once or many times, or had influence on art (Gołkowska, Chwałczyk, Jurkiewicz).
Beside the commemorative character, event 25/25 is not a historical exhibition. Majority of invited authors will present something created recently, or works completely new. The exposition will be an occasion to look into evolution of the Gallery and so the attitude of art and artists.

The publication following this exhibition content critical opinions and summaries of few of the archive materials, publicized for the first time over the 25 years of Gallery.

Video from the opening:

Photos from the opening:

Galeria Miejska we Wrocławiu
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50-109 Wrocław

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