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/ 11.12.2015 - 11.12.2015

The exhibition connected is with jubilee of 40 years Piotr Błażejewski’s art and academic work. Made by the City Gallery in Wrocław for Dolnośląski Festiwal Artystyczny. Artist, professor of Academy of Fine Arts named by Eugeniusz Geppert in Wrocław, has add to this project works made by 10 artists, his friends – representing 3 generations of Wrocław’s art community. For example, Alfons Mazurkiewicz not living by this time, Wanda Gołkowska, Krzesława Maliszewska, Konrad Jarodzki, Andrzej Klimczak – Dobrzaniecki, Paweł Lewandowski – Palle, Stanisław Ryszard Kortyka, Piotr Kielan, Janusz Jaroszewski, Anna Brudzińska.

The whole project is a common journey on 12 prestigious galleries and exhibitions in Poland. The City’s Gallery exhibition will end this journey. This exposition will also have a monography made by Cultural Centre and Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław – “ Piotr Błażejewski. W DRODZE – razem ze mną”, dedicated to his art, and other painters, coworkers and friends.

“Piotr Błażejewski (born in 1850) is a representing structural trends, and also an artist following analytical achievements of Avant-garde from Wroclawian’s Group (for example Jan Chwałczyk and Wanda Gołkowska). He’s also a member of group of artists using the geometry. His predilection for Kapist and Structuralism should not be forgotten.

Błażejewski, creating his contructions, is using “painting – module” for years. He’s not encumbering the viewer theoretical assumptions, he says that final piece of art has reflection of higher order inside. Next canvas made by him have biomorphic forms, simplified ideograms and variable colorful reflections making multiple-elements compositions. Often it is the way of open and very expanded structures, which beginning is made by regular and multiple axis.”

Piotr Błażejewski (born 4th of February 1950 in Kluczbork) painter, teacher, committed to Wrocławians art and academic community since 40’. Learning in Art High School named by S. Kopystyński during 60’ and studying in Academy of Fine Arts in 70’. He got his diploma from painting in 1975, in doc. Alfons Mazurkiewicz workshop and his painting in architecture and urban planning diploma in doc. Mieczysław Zdanowicz workshop. He started teaching there right after the graduation. Currently professor of Academy in Wrocław, having his own painting workshop. Supervisor of around 100 diplomas. In 2000 he started working in open Institute of Landscape Architecture at Cow College in Wrocław ( now Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences). He participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in country and abroad. He achieved several awards in prestigious painting competitions. His great passion is collecting art, painting, engraving and ceramics.

The curator of this exhibition is Mirosław Jasiński.
Photos from the opening:

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