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Bodies and Things / 13.03.2015 - 02.05.2015

No matter the time and era both ‘bodies’ and ‘things’ were in art the issues of a high interest. Artists have unequally diversified they efforts and attention among mentioned problem so it have never been similarly understood. Thus the exhibition in the Wroclaw City Gallery will be an occasion to show a diversity of attitudes and strategies specific for artists who include ‘bodies’ and ‘things’ to their explorations area. The exhibition will bring together works that deal unequivocally or even trivially with the subject matter with those that generate much more wider field of possible interpretations. Interestingly the formal and intellectual construction of the latter works is clearly multilayer though they are usually created under the influence of impulses, emotions, and with not always fully articulated reasons.

The exhibition title – thanks to its versatility worked on the one hand as a faciliation in the process of choosing actors of the show, and on the other it was intended to stressed that neither bodies and things nor the connections between them are more important.
For years the human body and its ambiguity has been the central point in the humanities while the „turn toward things” might be seen as a comparatively fresh and more related to a still solidifying posthumanities area. This tendency will be also clearly visible on the exhibition since it would certainly include much more ‘bodies’. Yet some particular ‘things’ will also try to speak up for themselves. Due to the juxtaposition of Zuza Ziółkowska’s vibrant paintings which show the sentient and remembrance of carnality together with Tomasz Skórka’s figures that have been frozen in grey and pumped out of life, will be undertaken the problem of material and essence of a living body and furthermore the issue of postmemory and surviving conditions of art pieces both in time and space.

Marcelina Groń’s paintings will show bluntness and ambiguity of border and subjectivity in reception of elements that created the reality while installations made by Miłosz Flis will try to transfer viewers to the world that is unreal and where material things reached the domination over bodies repeatedly. The multimedia installation of Agnieszka Ewa Braun is in turn a strongly intimate record of an artist’s confrontation with her own identity, body and memory.
Painting and cut-outs made by Berenika Kowalska will let us to lean over the beauty of „mistakes” in human bodies and the supremacy of things in the folk funeral rituals. Moreover the exhibition will be supplemented with Karolina Krawczyk sculptures which are playing the role of a paean to the unperfect body and two large scale realisations located outside the gallery, one of them is Artur Grochowski sculpture and the second one was made by artistic trio: Klaudia Lipczewska, Monika Martys-Mroczek and Katarzyna Rak.
The „Bodies and Things” exhibition is another project of the City Gallery in Wrocław with the purpose to present and promote oeuvre not only of recognized artists but also of those promising ones who have just started their artistic careers. The show itself will be therefore a kind of a fresh breath announcing the springtime.

Photos from the opening:

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