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Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz oil painting soft pastel metalpoint (gold, silver, lead or whatever) / 28.11.2014 - 09.01.2015

We enter into the playing field of imagination and intellect. Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruzcreates, from the very beginning, an incredibly complicated map of this field,which contains a game that is full of references, complex allusions both to thegrand narratives of our cultural tradition and to the tradition of painting ina strict sense.

Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz is an exceptionalartist whose skills, along with the intellectual nature of his work, showbeauty in its simplest and oldest definition. His painting refers to thetradition of old masters being, nevertheless, situated in the centre ofcontemporary discussions about the essence of art, about the new narrativewhich transfers the experiences and beliefs of modernism, post-modernism andso-called post-modernity to the sphere of history, making them archaic,oriented towards the past.

Since his student times, KrzysztofIzdebski-Cruz very consistently uses artistic skills mastered to perfection. Hisexceptional interest in old masters' techniques, in classic style and historyof European art result in the use of quotation and transformation in hispainting, in order to enter into a dialogue with the present and to show thevalue and timeless nature of traditional models. Allegories, mythological and biblical themes,freely used by Izdebski-Cruz intensify his paintings and involve the viewer inan exceptional game of meanings, where bare sensations are not sufficient forunderstanding. Despite traditional forms and media used bythe artist, his work is characterised by a huge dose of irony and grotesque. Theexhibition will present works strongly emphasising a grimace on the model'sface. The people portrayed show their tongues, the artist winks... all thisdepicted in a masterly manner.

The exhibition in Galeria Miejska in Wrocławis the culmination of the cycle presenting the artist and the synthesis of thelast 10 years of his creation, shown at 80 exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Weare pleased to combine the exhibition opening with the presentation of GloriaArtis bronze medal, awarded to the Artist by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.
We cordially invite you!

Galeria Miejska we Wrocławiu
ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28
50-109 Wrocław

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