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DIRECT PAINTING XY ankimierzejewskiej / 17.10.2014 - 22.11.2014

The way of working places XYankamierzejewska's painting in a very broad stream of 20th- and 21st-centuryfigurative tradition. Her paintings direct our attention to behavioural aspectsof figures, animals and objects presented. The variety of fruits of hercreation makes it difficult to define this artist with a specific label.

XY ankamierzejewska's painting uses clasheslike in a metaphor. Sometimes these areclashes of the image and captions painted on it. On the one hand, these inscriptions are alsopart of the composition; on the other hand, just like other paraphernalia, theyreflect the atmosphere of the visual space we live in, constantly attacked byadvertising, signs, and inscriptions on the walls. Sometimes they are also anelement of the game with the viewer, direct their attention to specific semanticfields, to lead them through contrast to a feeling of grotesque, absurd,surprise. What can be noticed in this strategy is the heritage oftwentieth-century tendencies: Dada, pop-art neo-Dada or the play with meaningsseen in post-modernist art.

The exhibition presents a selection of thisyear's works by XY ankamierzejewska. Their amount alone testifies toexceptional hardworkingness and creative will. In search of new paths, theauthor constantly tackles new themes, preserving her own "character ofrecord of the painter's self". This painting longs for creating perfectimages, but also for finding sensitive receivers who would want to have thesecanvases at home, therefore it sensitively resonates reality – both visual andsocial – in the latter case, there is a permanent question about the role ofart in our everyday life and about the role of painting.

In this shape and in this selection, theexhibition moves, however, in other spheres of meaning. The situation in theworld, provoking subconscious fears and conscious concerns, destroying thesense of security, may constitute emotional foundation of some of the images. Providedwith tapes used for warning against danger, they suggest: be mindful, bemindful not only in the face of real danger, but also towards your family,children, other people. They are important, and their existence is as fragileas our sense of security. The fact they exist is not obvious, in a way, it is amiracle. This relates to existence both in material and spiritual sense – aseach of them carries within themselves a distinct world, which can be so easilydestroyed out of negligence, selfishness, cynicism or ill will.

XY ankamierzejewska:
1991/92 scholarship and studies in the Collegeof St. Catherine in St. Paul / Minnesota, USA
19992/98 studies at the Academy of Fine Artsin Wrocław – Lithography Studio led by Professor Andrzej Basaj and studio ledby Professor Paweł Frąckiewicz,
1998 diploma at her home college - easelpainting in the studio led by Professor Konrad Jarodzki.

XY ankamierzejewska is the author of numerousindividual exhibitions in Poland and abroad; she has exhibited in placesincluding Wiesbaden, Paris, London or Berlin, taken part in several dozens ofcollective exhibitions; she also belongs to Stary Banan group – multipleprojects in Wrocław's urban space.

Awards and distinctions:
2012 scholarship of Lower Silesian Voivodship
2007 scholarship of the Minister of Cultureand National Heritage
2003 2nd place and 8 commendations in thecompetition: Good News in Photography,MCK Warsaw

Works in collections:
- The Zachęta National Art Gallery in Warsaw,
- The City Museum in Wrocław
- private collections.

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