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Unbridled / 05.09.2014 - 11.10.2014

Agata Gertchen has been consistently devoted,for many years, to art speaking about everyday life, time and object which,seemingly disingenuous, manifests its nature. The works from the Unbridledcycle, executed by the artist in the extremely time-consuming point linocuttechnique, transforming the drum of an automatic washing machine in cosmiclandscapes and monumental spaces.

The washing machine - an object supposed toshorten the time of the so-called women's work, absorbs the artist to theextent that she reverses the situation and spends hundreds of hours on focusingand creating a new, or rather the original image of things. What turns out tobe "unbridled" are both the lino matrices, which are multiplied andcut into frames, time which has no beginning or end in Agata Gertchen'screation, as well as the object itself which grows out of the role of a tool tobecome something exceptional, focusing the artist's attention in an almostreligious, magic manner.

The prints presented at the exhibition are theartist's monumental works whose form refers to murals and graffiti. All of themare executed in an extremely painstaking technique, consistently inblack-and-white tones, constituting a showcase of the extraordinary art createdby Agata Gertchen in search of new dimensions in the world of ordinary objects.

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