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Musialowicz/Cieslak / 15.11.2013 - 14.12.2013

Musialowicz Henryk celebrates his 100ts birthday in January. On this occasion the City Gallery in Wroclaw prepared cross presentation of his paintings and spatial forms, including those created in the past decade. The exhibition is complemented by photographs of Musialowicz in the lens of Maciej Cieslak, who is National Geographic Award winner in the category ”People”.

Musialowicz always has been an outsider. As he says of himself: ”I’m a loner. It gives me peace of mind and concentration”. For this reason it is impossible to simply classyfy his work into one of the named art movements or trends in art. Henryk Musialowicz art even though open to spiritual values, is not religiousin the thematic sense. ”The desire of the artist – says Renata Rogozinska – was to create deeply humanistic works touching upon primary truths about man about his dramatic plight – fragile saturated with the pain of perishable existence forever imperiled by suffering, loneliness non-being but also full of longing for the divine and the eternal”.

129 x 89 x 10
2005 r.
mixed media

As an Artist he was always convinced that the goal of creating art is to encourage the viewer to contemplation, meditation, reflection. In Musialowicz work we see that the same methaphorical signs repet themselves. Through these human imagination is generalized and synthesized in a way that they become symbols referring to that which is noteworthy in a human and to those ideals in him which are beyond the physical beyong the temporal. Everywhere in Musiałowicz work we encounter the expression of signs – says Bozena Kowalska. Musialowicz stigmatized by the trauma of war puts in his art the question about the point of existence in the wake of „the appaling human Golgotha”.

H. Musiałowicz

Photos presented at this exhibition are the result of the meeting and joint action of Henryk Musialowicz and Maciej Cieslak. They are a dialogue between the two personalities. Artists represented two different ways to fulfill their life art. One of them is an outsider, closed in his studio and fully focused on creating. The second one is carried out professionally business, devoting his free time to photographs.

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